The Mysterious Mythology of the Metamorphosis

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The story begins within and without the experience of the birth of a caterpillar. Descriptive transmutations occur immediately as the caterpillar larva, pupa and imago attributes acquire anthropomorphic insights into the physical natural world and the spiritual mythologies. The catalyst elements of fire and water instigate a sequence of events which change the natural life within and without the caterpillar. The stable elements of air and earth are the backdrop of his life’s journey where he encounters pedagogic anthropomorphic illustrated characters. They are from the natural and mythological worlds and they guide him through the fates towards his destiny. A formidable destiny it is to overcome the crashing and burning of the phoenix and the conflagration of the earth. He achieves this through the creation of elemental balance by becoming through transmogrification the water dragon that originates waters source. The story is illustrated accurately with 80 vividly animated depictions of the interacting characters and their constantly changing world. The reader will be taken on a non-stop physical journey which will visually and intellectually develop into a mythological end result. As Dr. Tiné said to Casey, “Hang on, we’re going for a ride.”



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